Right to Information

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Right to Information


MANUAL- 2020

As required under clause 4(1)b of the Right to Information Act, the following manuals in respect of Tourism Department, Government of Mizoram is hereby made for general guidance of the public.

1. The particulars of its organization, functions and duties :

The Department of Tourism was bifurcated from the Department of Information and Public Relations in the year 1987. Its administrative head is the Secretary Tourism, Govt. of Mizoram. The Department has a Directorate but has no district office in the State. The Directorate Office is located at New Capital Complex, Aizawl. The Directorate, headed by a Director, is the implementing agency of the Department of Tourism. Its main function has been development of tourism and its allied activities and building basic infrastructures for tourists. From its inception, it has been concentrating in building tourist infrastructure for accommodation as well as recreation facilities. It has developed a number of Tourist Lodges, Highway Restaurants and Picnic spots all over the State through financial assistance from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. In addition to this, the department has been running various Tourist Lodges and Highway restaurants in the State, meeting the demands of the Government as well as the general public and the tourists visiting the State. The Department has now 73 Tourist Facilities (Tourist Lodges/Highway Restaurants/ Wayside amenities etc. all over the State. Out of the 73 units a total of 24 tourist facilities has been outsourced as management contract to private parties at present.

List of Tourist Facilities :

Sl. No. List of Tourist Facilities
1 Tourist Lodge Chaltlang
2 Tourist Lodge Farkawn
3 Tourist Lodge Kolasib
4 Tourist Lodge Champhai
5 Tourist Lodge Siaha
6 Wayside Facilities New Maubawk
7 Cafetaria & Tourist Hut, Tamdil
8 Alpine Hut Zobawk
9 Viewing Gallery Tlangnuam
10 Tourist Complex Berawtlang
11 Tourist Lodge Lawngtlai
12 Tourist Lodge Tlabung
13 Tourist Lodge Changsil
14 Tourist Lodge Thenzawl
15 Tourist Lodge Sangau
16 Tourist Lodge Lengpui
17 Tourist Lodge Lengpui
18 Tourist Resort Reiek
19 Tourist Lodge West Phaileng
20 Tourist Lodge Vawmbuk
21 Tourist Lodge Ngopa
22 Tourist Lodge Mamit
23 Tourist Complex Saipum
24 Tourist Lodge Zokhawthar
25 Tourist Resort Hmuifang
26 Tourist Lodge Kanhmun
27 Tourist Lodge Chalfilh
28 Highway Restaurant Chhiahtlang
29 Tourist Lodge North Vanlaiphai
30 Tourist Lodge East Lungdar
31 Tourist Lodge Hnahlan
32 Highway Restaurant Kawlkulh
33 Tourist Lodge Zawlnuam
34 Tourist Lodge Sialsuk
35 Tourist Lodge Aibawk
36 Tourist Lodge Darlawn
37 Tourist Lodge Thingsulthliah
38 Tourist Lodge Zawlnuam
39 Tourist Facilities Bungtlang South
40 Wayside Amenities Chhumkhum
41 Tourist Facilities Lomasu
42 Tourist Facilities Maubawk
43 Tourist Lodge South Vanlaiphai
44 Tourist Lodge Serchhip
45 Tourist Lodge Serlui B
46 Tourist Lodge Rajiv Nagar
47 Thenzawl Golf Resort
48 Thenzawl Welness Spa
49 Tourist Lodge Buhchang
50 Highway Restaurant Thingdawl
51 Tourist Home Luangmual
52 Tourist Lodge Bairabi
53 Wayside Restaurant Tawipui South
54 Tourist Lodge Khawbung
55 Tourist Lodge Darzo
56 Tourist Lodge Vairengte
57 Highway Restaurant Hnahthial
58 Tourist Lodge Hrangchalkawn
59 Tourist Lodge Saitual
60 Tourist Lodge Pangzawl
61 Viewing Tower with Restaurant Durtlang
62 Tourist Lodge Sakawrdai
63 Tourist Lodge Saichho
64 Tourist Lodge Khanpui
65 Tourist Facilities Phura
66 Tourist Lodge Chakhang
67 Tourist Lodge Niawhtlang
68 Tourist Facilities Serkawr
69 Tourist Facilities Zawngling
70 Wayside Amenities New laty
71 Picnic Spot Sairang
72 Tourist Lodge Paithar
73 Tourist Resort Chawngte

The existing post strength of the Directorate of Tourism at present is 114 out of which 106 numbers of posts are filled. There are at present 148 numbers of Muster Roll employees under the Directorate of Tourism. Since, management of tourist facilities created is one of the core functions of the Department, these employees are posted at various tourist facilities all over Mizoram. The functions and duties of the Tourism Department is to develop and promote Tourism in the state by creating various kinds of tourist infrastructures to provide basic amenities to the tourists visiting the State. It also endeavors to create public awareness to turn the very asset Tourism into revenue earning instrument for the general public and the government exchequer.

Main functions of the Tourism Department are as follows :

1) To create tourist infrastructures to provide basic accommodation facilities to tourists visiting the State.

2) To develop and create facilities to promote eco tourism, rural tourism and adventure tourism.

3) To sponsor training of educated youths to enhance skills in hospitality and tourism sector.

4) Organizing workshops and seminars to create public awareness on Tourism promotion.

5) To explore potentials of Tourism in the State.

6) Publication of tourist information folders, booklets, tourist guide map to provide basic information on Mizoram.

7) To promote festival tourism.

8) Operation management of completed tourist facilities.

9) Tourism marketing.

10) Generating revenue to the state exchequer.

11) Assisting and guiding tourists whenever required during their visit to Mizoram.

2. Powers and Duties of its Officers and Employees :

Secretary, Tourism :

He is the administrative head of the Department. Overall administrative and executive guidance are obtained from him. He is assisted by Special Secretary and Under Secretary and other administrative and Ministerial staff in the discharge of his functions.

Director, Tourism :

He is the Head of the Directorate of Tourism. Implementation of policies and programmes are carried out under his guidance and direction. He is assisted by Joint Director, Deputy Directors, Tourist Officers, other field and administrative staff.

Superintendent :

He looks after all establishment matters. He is assisted by Assistants, UDC's and LDC's.

Persons i/c of various tourist facilities :

One of the core functions of the Department is management of tourist facilities. Hence, Asst. Tourist Officers, Receptionists and Asst. Receptionists are posted at various tourist facilities to undertake this function.

3.The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability :

All the policy matters and significant decisions are usually taken at Ministry/Cabinet level. Execution and implementation of the same are being done by concerned Department at various levels.

4.The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions :

Over all administrative and executive powers rested with the Director of the Department. However, a series of subordinate officers assist the Director as per the distribution of works, as already stated at para 2, above. All necessary decisions at various levels under the Department are being made with due approval of the Director.

5. The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions:

The Department uses the following rules adopted by the Government of Mizoram :

1. General Financial Rules.

2. Central Treasury Rules Vol.I.

3. Medical Attendance Rules.

4. GPF Rules.

5. DFP Rules, 1978.

6. HBA Rules.

7. Pension Compilation CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972.

8. CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964.

9. General instructions and orders received from the Government from time to time and also issued by the Department for records, guidance and compliance.

10. CCS (CCA) 1965, and as amended from time to time.

11. CCS (Leave) Rules 1972 and as amended from time to time.

12. Fundamental Rules & Supplementary Rules

13. Manual of Office procedures.

14. The Mizoram recognition of Tour Operator Rules 2011.

(1st Amendment 2016)

15. Mizoram Tourist Trade Act, 2020

16. Instructions, Circulars, Notifications, Orders, O.M's etc. issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and State Government from time to time.

6. A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control:

1) Orders relating to appointment / promotion.

2) Orders relating to grant of leave, transfer and posting.

3) All ACRs of staffs under Tourism Department.

4) Disciplinary orders.

5 Legal Documents.

6) Court cases.

7) Sanctioning orders relating to leave encashment of the staffs.

7. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof:

No such arrangement for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in formulation of its policy or implementation is made. However, the Department is open to make arrangement for such forum as and when required.

8. A statement of the Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings or those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public :

(a) Mizoram Tourism Development Board (MTDB)

MTDB was created on 8th June 2010 by the Govt. of Mizoram for promotion and development of Tourism in Mizoram. The chief function of the Board is to identify and recommend strategies for development of tourism industry in Mizoram. The members of the MTDB are:

(i) Chief Minister, Govt. of Mizoram: Chairman

(ii) Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Mizoram: Vice Chairman

(iii) Secretary, Tourism Department: Member

(iv) Director, Tourism Department: Member Secretary

(v) 3 non-official member must be persons who have wide experience in the field of tourism

(b) Mizoram Tourism Development Authority (MTDA)

MTDA is a society formed in the year 2008 by a memorandum of association and registered under the Mizoram Societies Registration Act 2005. Its memorandum of association also defines its membership, aims and objectives. The MTDA consists of the following members:

(i) Chairman: Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Mizoram

(ii) Sr. Vice Chairman: Parliamentary Secretary, Tourism Department.

(iii) Vice Chairman: Secretary, Tourism Dept., Govt. of Mizoram

(iv) Secretary: Director, Tourism Dept., govt. of Mizoram

(v) Fin. Secretary: Jt. Director, Tourism Dept., Govt. of Mizoram

(vi) Treasurer: DDO, Tourism Dept., Govt. of Mizoram.

(vii) 2 Members: Hotel & Restaurant Association of Mizoram

(viii) 2 Members: Travel Agents/ Tour Operators

(c) Sports, Youth Affairs & Tourism Board

The following members were appointed :

Chairman : Minister, Sports & Youth Services,

Tourism & ICT Department

Vice Chairman : Pu T.C Pachhunga, Ex MLA

Secretary : Secretary, Sports & Youth Services Department


  • i) Chairman, Mizoram Youth Commission
  • ii) Pu P.C. Lalhmingthanga, Mayor, AMC
  • iii) Secretary, Tourism Department
  • iv) Secretary, Information & Communication Technology Department
  • v) Engineer-in-Chief, PWD
  • vi) Director, Sports & Youth Services Department
  • vii) Director, Tourism Department
  • viii) Joint Secretary& Chief Informatics Officer, ICT
  • ix) Secretary, Mizoram State Sports Council
  • x) Pi Lalawmpuii, Councillor, Ward No.IX
  • xi) Pu Lalthara, IAS (Rtd.), Upper Republic, Aizawl
  • xii) Pu Ramzauva, Zotlang, Aizawl
  • xiii) Pu James B. Ralte, Kanan Veng, Aizawl
  • xiv) Pu C. Dinthanga, Saron Veng, Aizawl
  • xv) Pu Lalsawmliana Pachuau, Zarkawt, Aizawl
  • xvi) Pu H. Lalroliana, Kulikawn, Aizawl
  • xvii) Pu Rochungnunga (Ex-MNA President), Saron Veng, Aizawl
  • xviii) Pu Lalawmpuia (OPa), Kulikawn, AIzawl
  • xix) Pu H. Malsawma, Dawrpui, Aizawl
  • xx) Pu Lalhmingliana, s/o Zaihnuna (L), Champhai

The main aim and objective of the society is to assist the efforts of the Central Government and the State Government in respect of development of tourism in the State.

Meetings of the Board, Council, Committee etc. is not opened to the public but minutes of such meetings are accessible to the public.

9. A Directory of its Officers and Employees:

List of officers and staff with Telephone nos./ contact numbers are as follows :


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 V Lalengmawia Director
2 Saitluanga Joint Director
3 Lalthakimi Pachuau
Deputy Director
4 R. Lalrinchhani
Deputy Director
5 T. Lalduhawma Superintendent
6 Lynda Zomuanpuii
7 Rachel Lalrinhlui Tourist Officer
8 Ramsangzuali Tourist Officer
9 LV Lalawmpuii Asst. Tourist Officer
10 Lalchhuanliani Assistant
11 JH Zohmangaihzuala Assistant
12 F. Denghmingthangi Stenographer
13 Ruby Lalhriatpuii Steno-III
14 Lalthankimi UDC
15 C. Dothanglura UDC
16 Zaihmingthanga UDC
17 Laltanpuii UDC
18 Joshua Lalrintluanga Vanchhawng Receptionist
19 C. Lalremtluangi Receptionist
20 P.C. Lalnunthangi Receptionist
21 Zopari LDC
22 R. Lalawmpuii LDC
23 Lalchullovi LDC
24 H. Lalrintluangi Computer Operator (Contract)
25 Zochhawnkima Computer Operator (Contract)
26 C. Vanlalawmawii LDC (MR)
27 David Lalchhanchhuaha LDC(MR)
28 Laldawngkimi Hmar Asst. Receptionist (MR)
29 Lalfamkima Asst. Receptionist (MR)
30 Lalhmingthanga Pachuau Asst. Receptionist (MR)
31 R. Lalremruatpuia Asst. Receptionist (MR)
32 Thangliana Driver
33 M.S Dawngliana Driver
34 Siamhlira Driver
35 P.C Lalhmangaihzuala Electrician
36 Lalnunzira Despatch Rider (MR)
37 Lalthanmawia Despatch Rider (MR)
38 Rodinthara Peon
39 Vanlalsanga Peon
40 Daniela Cook
41 Saihnuni Room Attendant
42 Lalchhuanliana Room Attendant
43 Lalthlanchhuahi Peon
44 Vanlalsawma Chowkider
45 R. Vanlalruala Cook (MR)
46 C. Vanlalruata Cook (MR)
47 Lalawmpuia Cook (MR)
48 Laltlankimi Cook (MR)
49 P.C Lalchhanhima Mali (MR)
50 Sainghinglova Chinzah Room Attendant (MR)
51 Lalchawimawii Room Attendant (MR)
52 Benjamin Lalthankima Mali (MR)
53 Menuka Karki Room Attendant (MR)
54 C. Beipadua Room Attendant (MR)
55 Rochansangi Mali (MR)
56 C. Lalrinawma Chowkidar (MR)
57 Ramngaihawma Room Attendant (MR)

List of Field Staff :


Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 C. Rolianthangi Assistant Tourist Officer
2 C. Lalhlimpuii Receptionist
3 Jenny Ngurthankimi Receptionist
4 M.C. Lalmalsawmi Assistant Receptionist
5 Jenet Lalnunmawii Assistant Receptionist
6 Zorinsanga Sailo Assistant Receptionist (MR)
7 Raju Bishowkarma Assistant Receptionist
8 Lalhmangaihzuala Electrician (MR)
9 Sachin Sangma Cook
10 Biaklalmawia Cook
11 Lalrinawmi Cook
12 Sobit Kumar Cook (MR)
13 K.Beilydi Cook (MR)
14 Lalhmangaiha Room Attendant (MR)
15 Jagdis Murmu (Laldinpuia) Room Attendant (MR)
16 K. Vanlalzirtira Room Attendant (MR)
17 Lalthlamuani Room Attendant (MR)
18 Zoduhi Mali
19 J. Laltanpuia Mali (MR)
20 C. Romami Mali (MR)
21 Lalnuntluangi Mali (MR)
22 Lalremruati Mali (MR)
23 Zomawii Mali (MR)
24 Sajal Roy (R.Zoramthara) Mali (MR)
25 Lalfamkimi Chowkidar (MR)
26 Lalrinsanga Chowkidar (MR)
27 Lalbiakthanga Chowkidar (MR)
28 Zairemmawia Chowkidar (MR)
29 Lalchungnunga (Lalrinpuii) Driver (MR)
Tourist Resort, Hmuifang
1 Lalchhuanawmi Assistant Receptionist
2 Lalliankhama Assistant Receptionist
3 Lalmuanpuii Cook(MR)
4 P.C. Lalhmangaihsanga Cook(MR)
5 B. Lalhlimthanga Room Attendant (MR)
Tourist Complex Berawtlang
1 Agnes Lalchhingpuii Receptionist
2 Ropianga Assistant Receptionist
3 C. Lalhruaizeli Assistant Receptionist
4 Vanlalruala Cook
5 Lalngurliana Cook
6 Mona Das Cook (MR)
7 Vanlalruati Peon
8 Lalmuanpuia Room Attendant (MR)
9 P.C. Lalremkimi Mali (MR)
10 Sanghmingliani Mali (MR)
11 R.Zomuana Mali (MR)
12 Safir Uddin Mali (MR)
13 Lalremruata (Zoramthanga) Mali (MR)
14 Haubuanga Chowkidar
15 Lalrinawma Chowkidar (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Darlawn
1 Lalfakzuali Chowkidar (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Changsil
1 Gobina Chowkidar (MR)
Institute of Hotel Management, Bung Bungalow, Aizawl
1 Lalhuliana Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Tuirial
1 Lalrinchhana Chowkidar (MR)


Tourist Lodge, Lunglei, Zotlang

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 C. Lalchuangkimi Assistant Tourist Officer
2 Juliet Lalthanpuii Dazy Receptionist
3 Saizikpuii Assistant Receptionist (MR)
4 Vanlalrema Mali
5 Lalniliani Room Attendant
6 Lalrinawma Cook
7 Hruaisangi Mali (MR)
8 Zothanpuii Room Attendant (MR)
9 Lalthanzauva Room Attendant (MR)
10 Jerry Zothanpuia Cook (MR)
11 Lalramliana Chowkidar (MR)
12 Remsanga Cook (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Tlabung
1 Gupa Chakma Cook (MR)
2 Lalhmingsanga (Roy) Cook
3 H. Lalnunhlua Mali (MR)
4 C. Lalrinmawii Mali (MR)
5 C. Lalchhuanliana Mali (MR)

SERCHHIP DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Serchhip

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 C. Lalrinpuii Receptionist
2 Lalramliani Mali (MR)
3 H. Lalchuangkima Mali (MR)
4 Remsangpuia Room Attendant (MR)
5 S.B. Chhetri Cook
6 Zarzokima Chowkidar
Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl
1 H. Lalmuankimi Assistant Receptionist
2 Zothanmawii Assistant Receptionist (MR)
3 Lalrammawia Cook
4 Hrangthanzuala Cook
5 Suraj Thapa Cook (MR)
6 Ngurdingpuii Sailo Mali (MR)
7 J. Remlalnghaka Room Attendant (MR)
8 C. Lalhmingthanga Room Attendant (MR)
Tourist Lodge, N.Vanlaiphai
1 K. Lalrammawii Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Lalnghakmawia Chhakchhuak Mali
3 M.S. Dawngkima Mali (MR)
Highway Restaurant, Chhiahtlang
1 Zachhingpuii Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Malsawma Cook (MR)
Tourist Lodge, E.Lungdar
1 Zodenthanga Chowkidar (MR)

CHAMPHAI DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Champhai

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 R. Lalhlimpuia Assistant Tourist Officer
2 Lalrinawma Assistant Receptionist
3 N.B. Thapa Cook
4 Lalthanthiangi Room Attendant
5 Lalruatkimi Room Attendant
6 Kapthianga Chowkidar
7 C. Lalrokunga Room Attendant (MR)
8 Vanlalduatpuia Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Hnahlan
1 P.C. Lianguri Assistant Receptionist
2 Lalhmuakliana Mali
Tourist Lodge, Farkawn
1 Sawithangpuia Room Attendant (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Zokhawthar
1 Lalremruati Khawlhring Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 K. Zirliansanga Mali
3 Ngurthangi Mali (MR)

SAITUAL DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Ngopa

1 C. Vanlalzara Room Attendant (MR)
2 Vanlalawmpuia Room Attendant (MR)

HNAHTHIAL DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, South Vanlaiphai

1 John Lalhmingsanga Assistant Receptionist (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Pangzawl
KHAWZAWL DISTRICT : Highway Restaurant, Kawlkulh
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Lalrorela Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Lalrintluanga Chowkidar (MR)
3 Laltlanchhuahi Mali (MR)
SIAHA DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Siaha
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Jennifer Lyzi Chozah Receptionist
2 S. Bialy Chowkidar
3 H.C. Lawmkimi Room Attendant
4 Kamal Boro Cook (MR)
5 Calvin Hlychho Cook (MR)
6 M. Vulmawia Mali (MR)
7 Lalrammuana Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, New Maubawk
1 M.L. Chunga Chowkidar
Tourist Lodge, Tuipang
Tourist Lodge, No-Aotla (Niawhtlang)
1 J. Ruala Room Attendant
Tourist, Lodge Amobyu (B) (Maubawk-L)
1 Beikhokhei Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Chakheitla (Chakhang)
1 Lalawmpuia Chowkidar (MR)
LAWNGTLAI DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Lawngtlai
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 B. Vanlalngaihsaki Receptionist
2 F. Mathlungi Assistant Receptionist
3 Laldinpuia Room Attendant (MR)
4 J. Lalthanchhunga Room Attendant (MR)
5 Buatsaihi (K.Chhuadei) Chowkidar (MR)
6 T. Lalruatpuia Chowkidar (MR)
7 Peter Sangma Cook (MR)
8 Lalhmingzauvi Sailo Cook (MR)
9 K. Rorelliana Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Bualpui NG
1 Lalrinchhunga Chowkidar (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Vawmbuk
1 Rualthanga Mali (M.R)
Tourist Lodge, Sangau
1 Lalnghakliana Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 C. Lalkhara Chowkidar
3 F. Lalneihthangi Mali (MR)
4 Lalrama Room Attendant (MR)
KOLASIB DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Kolasib
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Lalbiakfeli Assistant Tourist Officer
2 Mary Lalnunziri Assistant Receptionist
3 Lianhnuna Room Attendant
4 Lalmuanpuii Room Attendant
5 Lalrinchhani Mali
6 Lalzikpuii Room Attendant (MR)
7 R.K. Rodingliana (Lalropuia) Room Attendant (MR)
8 Sudir Roy Cook (MR)
9 Hemlal Bishra Cook (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Saipum
1 Peter Zothanmawia Room Attendant (MR)
Tourist Lodge, Serlui ‘B'
1 Merry Lalrohlui Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Helen Lalhruaikimi Mali (MR)

MAMIT DISTRICT : Tourist Lodge, Mamit

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Zomuanpuii Assistant Tourist Officer
2 P.B.Gurung Cook (MR)
3 Lalthankima (Lalpiangthara) Room Attendant (MR)
4 Zolianzeli Room Attendant (MR)
5 Marina Lalramengi Mali (MR)
6 Lora Lalchamliana Mali(MR)
Tourist Lodge, Lengpui
1 Richard Lallianzela Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Lalsangzuali Cook
3 Lalrozama Cook
4 J.Lalromawia Cook (MR)
5 Laldinliana Mali (MR)
Tourist Resort, Reiek
1 R. Lalthlengliana Assistant Receptionist (MR)
2 Prodip K Roy Cook (MR)
3 Remlalmuani Room Attendant (MR)
4 Anthony Vanlalhruaia Room Attendant (MR)
5 P.C. Thangzuala Chowkidar
Tourist Lodge Kanhmun
1 V. Laldingliana Assistant Receptionist
2 Suiremi Mali (MR)
3 Lalhlimpuia Mali (MR)
Tourist Lodge, West Phaileng
1 Zodinliani Room Attendant
Tourist Lodge, Zawlnuam
1 Ramengmawia Chowkidar (MR)

10. The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes :

Not applicable.

11. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it.

There are 4 (four) Tour Operators recognized by the Department under The Mizoram recognition of Tour Operator Rules 2011 (1st Amendment - 2016) availing 20% discount on Room Rent only in all Tourist facilities under the Management of the Department of Tourism, Government of Mizoram. The Tour Operators are:

i. Ever Green Tours & Travels

Address : Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram

Mizoram (NE. India)

Phone : +919612080159, +918732077609, +919612790468

Email : evergreenazl@gmail.com

ii. Omega Travels

Address : Temple Square, Tuikual South, Aizawl, Mizoram

Mizoram (NE. India)

Mobile No.: +919612951288

Email : zolianachhakchhuak@gmail.com

iii. Zoram Tours

Address : Mission Veng, Sikulpuikawn, Aizawl, Mizoram

Mobile No. : +919862340123

iv. CMS Holidays

Address : Sikulpuikawn, Republic Road, Aizawl, Mizoram

Mobile No. : +918414893498/ +919436353101

12. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form.

Steps will be taken regarding all office papers and records being processed for computerization. Information can be obtained from the office of Department of

Tourism, New Secretariat Complex, Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram - 796001.

13. The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use.

Since the Department is a young Department, it has no library, except books of Department concerned. These Bookscan be utilized by the officials only during office working hours i.e. from 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M, on all office working days. The department has made available some information reading materials like, Booklets, Leaflets, Tourist Information, etc. which are of distribution gratis.

14. The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers:

i. D.A.A

Pu V Lalengmawia


Directorate of Tourism, New Capital Complex

Government of Mizoram

Phone No.: 2333475(O)

Email : burgerstud2005@gmail.com

ii. S.A.P.I.O

Pi Rachel Lalrinhlui

Tourist Officer

Directorate of Tourism, New Capital Complex

Government of Mizoram

Mobile :9612167899(M)

Email : rach29@gmail.com

15. Such other information as may be prescribed.


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