Mizoram is the land of the Mizos or the Highlanders who belong to the Mongoloid race. The Mizos are divided into several sub-tribes, viz. Luseis, Lais, Maras, Kukis etc. , each of which have their own customs, social practices and dialects enriching the tribal cultural heritage of the state. Though animism was the traditional religion of the Mizos, most of them have now embraced Christianity which the Christian missionaries have propagated to them along with formal education which eventually resulted in the Mizos becoming one of the most literate communities in the country.

Though mostly Christians and greatly influenced by the Western lifestyle, the Mizos cling to their rich cultural heritage, colourful customs and lively traditions. The festivals and dances of the Mizos have a unique tribal flavour. Other than Christmas and New Year's Day which are the most popular festivals, Chapchar Kut, a festival marking the end of the laborious clearing of jungles for the year's cultivation during the first week of March, is another occassion celebrated with much gusto. The most popular dances of Mizoram are Cheraw (Bamboo Dance), Khual Lam (Dance for Guests) and Chheih Lam (Dance of Joy).

Agriculture is the main occupation of the Mizos who practice jhum or shifting cultivation. The government has now introduced new and modernized systems of cultivation with the intention of weaning the people over to permanent cultivation. Mizoram is famous for its production of fibreless ginger which thrives well in the state. Paddy, maize, mustard, sugarcane, sesame, potatoes and grapes are the main crops produced in the state.

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