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The people of Chawngtlai still talk about the strange noises they hear at night. They believe that it is the sound of great battles among the hill nymphs. In Mizo folklore, Lasi Khawpui, Ṭan Tlang is a capital of the nymphs living in the area. They say when night falls, the nymphs turn themselves into swallows and wage wars with nymphs from other distant hills. When day breaks after these strange noises, people used to find many dead swallows in the valleys.

Lasi Rorelna Puk, a cave in the hills, is believed to be a place where the forest nymphs meet and hold councils. People from the village also speak of seeing Will-o’-the-Wisps gently travelling through the hill.

Amidst the ancient flat stone boulders with tribal inscriptions and more recent stone menhirs, lies Pasalṭha Hranghleia Thlan, the grave site of a famous warrior and hunter, Hranghleia, who is said to protect the village from eastern invaders and from raging elephants and man-eating tigers.

The Mizo were ‘Headhunters’ once. Sahlam, the place where the village warriors take the heads of their defeated enemies and put them up as trophy in recreated in the village of Chawngtlai.

There are many other unique sights rich with lore in this area that promise a worthwhile trip. Visitors can ask the locals about Ṭantinchhingi Khawpui - Ṭan Puk, Lalruanga luang kah keh, Mizoram Lungphun sang ber and other stories that no one else knows about.

Chawngtlai Homestay Contacts :

Hlunbuang Homestay : 9862359133 / 8259855524

Three Brothers Homestay : 8575117135 / 9862541081

F. Hniarthul Homestar : 7085416180

Tlaizawng Homestay : 9862906963

HC Homestay : 9862906963

Tochhawng Family Homestay : 9615444785

Khalthang Homestay : 8014343531 / 857589150


Dungtlang is said to have housed 7000 families in its earliest days. The Dungtlang Ruins are ancient stones, some with inscriptions, some jutting out from the ground in rectangular shapes, possibly the remnants of stone houses, and still others that look very much like the ruins of fort. A type of Dolmen have also been found in three places so far. These ruins seem to indicate an unknown civilization. There is much history to be explored in these area.

Close to this village is the site of one of the most well-known stories among the Mizo folklore – the love story of Lianchhiari, the daughter of the first tribal chieftain of Dungtlang, and Chawngfianga, a commoner. Like many love stories, they were betrayed. Chawngfianga had to escape for his life to a nearby village. Lianchhiari Lungleng Tlang, a nuteral rock ledge near the village is said to be the place where Lianchhiari used to sit gazing at the distant village to catch a glimpse of her love. There is a stone structure that is shaped like the Mizo loom named Lianchhiari Puan Tahna. This too carries its own story.

Dungtlang Homestay Contacts :

Lianchhiari Homestay : 7085749790

CL Homestay : 7085892708

CB Homestay : 8131986670

Homestay Comfort : 9862414806

KC Homestay : 9862465594


Hnahlan is the site of first vineyards in Mizoram. The grapes of Hnahlan are used to make local wines – Zawlaidi, the name for a love potion from Mizo lore and Champ wine.

Murlen National Park lies at around 35 km from the homestay which is around a 1.30 hour drive. This park, surrounded by caves, is a government protected sanctuary for many endangered floral and fauna species. Small streams and brooks flow through this park, feeding the several lifeforms that live here. The park also has many cliffs and precipices.

Flora include, Arundinaria Callosa, Quercus, Betula Specie, Pinus Kesiya, Chimonobambusacallosa, Schimawallichii, Micheliachampaca, Rhododendron, Prunus, Myrica, Canes and Orchids among others.

Fauna include, Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Barking deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild boar, Serow, Hoolock gibbon, Rhesus macaque and Malayan giant squirrel among mammals; and Hume’s Pheasant, Common partridges, Hill myna, dark rumped swift, Peacock, Pheasant, Sunbirds, Hornbill and Kallej Pheasant among birds.

Hnahlan Homestay Contact :

Luni Homestay : 9856570616

Vanapa Homestay : 7085363915

Mafaka Homestay : 8014426312

Senhri Homestay : 8014364113

Zoramthangi Homestay : 9856874256

Dingdi Homestay : 7085363626


Vanchhia holds a deep mystery within its hills. It has almost 200 ancient stone slabs that are engraved, hinting to a lost civilization that used to flourish in the area. This area named, Kawtchhuahropui, meaning 'Great Gateway', has been declared 'an archaeological site of national importance' by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on 18th March, 2014.

The Water Pavillionsis another mysterious structure, perhaps used as a form of entertainment; indicating that there used to be prosperous settlement here.

There are five man-made holes in the ground called, Ralven Buk, meaning Sentry Posts. The locals here believed that the small holes between these five holes were used to pass gun powder.

These ancient structure expound the mystery of a people who are, only recently, emerging into the world from unknown origins. The locals have many other sites and stories they can share with travellers who visit them

Vanchhia Homestay Contacts :

Vangkhawpui Homestay : 8014336337

Kawtchhuahropui Homestay : 8413032352

Pi PuSulhnu Homestay : 8974240390

Sawma Homestay : 7085843739

Afela Homestay : 7629973873


The Vaphai area is rich with Mizo historical sites. One such site is the Thlangtlak Mual, the place where the first Mizo migrators set up a village. Their old graves and artifacts are still there to be seen.

This village is famous in Mizoram for the story of Ṭhasiama who was given immortality by the nymphs that he caught. The steep mound near this village is called Ṭhasiama Se No Neihna. In an age when this steep mound did not have steps, it is said, Ṭhasiama’s mithun climbed up this impossible mound to deliver a calf.

Another well-known lore is of Fiara Tui. Fiara was the only son of the village widow. He and his mother were not allowed to get water from the village’s main water source, so, he went to look for water, and found one amidst the rocks. He kept it a secret for a long time. But the village eventually found out and named it after him. It is said that this water never runs out and tastes much better than any other water.

The people of Vaphai have many more sights and stories to share. You can ask them about Ṭan Tlang, Lung Khawsa, Sakhawa Huan, Tian Tlang and Lungzia.

Vaphai Homestay Contact :

Eastern Homestay : 9774631713 / 7085356649

Thasiama Homestay : 7085531841

Khualbuk Run : 8132909128

FiaraTui Homestay : 9856576151

Dama Homestay : 8258912747


This small trading town on the border with Myanmar has a small market and a Land Customs Station (LCS) where people travel every day to trade from across the border.

Zokhawthar is also very close to Rih Dil, the lake which was believed to be the gateway to the land of the dead or Mitthi Khua. The lore differs from tribe to tribe, but the most well-known one says that the spirit leads to Mitthi Khua. The spirit guide were said to put Hawilopar on the head of the dead and make them stop longing for the world of the living. This is a very brief description of lore.

You will find many more stories with the locals who would be happy to share their wares, lore and sites.

Zokhawthar Homestay Contact :

Family Homestay : 9774240480

Simon Homestay : 9774588789 / 8826453375

Hmingliana Homestay : 8132830718 / 9862453375

Ainawn Homestay : 8131987829

Zampui Homestay : 8131987074

Sawmpuii Homestay : 8131987575

VLC Homestay : 8131987833 / 8794895589

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