Kawtchhuah Ropui (Great Entranceway)

The site has been named as the Kawtchhuah Ropui heritage site. Kawtchhuah Ropui means the Great Entranceway. Kawtchhuah Ropui heritage site is Mizoram’s first site which is under the protected monuments of Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI). The area is part of the Lower Himalayas and has rows of steep hills largely made up of various kinds of sandstone shading from light grey to blackish. The site, measuring about 45 sq.km has yielded pictographs etched on large stone slabs, menhirs (large standing stones), a necropolis (a large cemetery), a water pavilion among other artifacts. The ancient people of Vangchhia also carved terraces on rocks for their settlement - the main excavated site consists of 15 such terraces. There are over 100 menhirs, rising almost 15 feet tall, stand at the excavation site depicting floral, animal and humans. Water pavilion has strategically drilled holes - between one foot and one meter across - spread over several sandstone slopes and used for storing water. ASI has not been able to accurately date the Vangchhia settlement. Initially, ASI estimated site to be from the 15th century. However, recently, the ASI team has also discovered Neolithic caves near Vangchhia, indicating that the lost civilization could be much older. 

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