Mizo Typical Village

Falkawn is a small village situated 18 km. south of the main city of Aizawl. Depicting the lifestyle and culture of a typical Mizo village, this site is frequently visited by tourists. Art & Cultutre Department, Government of Mizoram has set up a Cultural Centre (Zokhua) at Falkawn in 1992. The centre is a mini live-museum where Zawlbuk (Dormitory), Lal In (Chief’s House), Pum (Blacksmiths) and other Mizo typical houses are erected. There are freedom fighter memorial stones and Taitesena commemoration stone.

Generally the Mizos moved from one place to another frequently in search of better jhum land as jhuming required shifting of cultivation site. A typical Mizo village was a humming nest of activities. A cluster of bamboo hut on stilts, the village was usually set on the crest of a hill. It was made up of about three to five hundred houses in general, with the chief’s elongated hut at the centre, flanked by the village elders’ houses. And within calling distance stood the large, hump-roofed Zawlbuk or bachelors’ dormitory where all the young men gathered at dusk and slept at night. This was the focal place from which one could gather news or muster help in case of emergency. It was also a training ground where Mizo boys were drilled and groomed to be responsible members of the society. Apart from the important personalities were Puithiam or priest, Thirdeng or blacksmith and Tlangau or crier. Though rich men and brave warriors and hunter enjoyed great prestige, there was practically no social discrimination. A gregarious and close knit society, they evolved some principles of self-help and co-operation to meet. The Mizos established a unique code of ethics called Tlawmngaihna which stands basically for selfless service for others. It is a compelling moral force that requires a man to be hospitable, kind, unselfish, courageous and helpful to others.

A part-time chowkidar is engaged and the centre is frequently receiving public visitors. Entry fees are Rs. 20.00 and Rs.10.00 for adult and children respectively.

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