A One Day Heritage Tour of Aizawl

Short Description:Traces of the glorious past of the highlanders and footprints left behind from the colonial rule can be witnessed in the nooks and corners of Aizawl city. The vibrant city with its captivating views and friendly inhabitants adds to the charm of the tour.

Distance to be travelled: 70 kms.

Mode of Travel: By Car (Rental available)

Approximate time taken: 10 hours

Places/Locations Covered[i]: North Lungleng, Mission Veng, Treasury Square, Chawlhhmun, Dawrpui, Durtlang (Aizawl City limits).

Where and what time to start the day from and why: Early morning at 6:00 A.M from the hotel is the best time to start the tour as the sights and sounds of nature can best be experienced in the morning. Mizoram offers spectacular morning views with sea of misty clouds in between the hills.

A chronological day itinerary:

Early Morning

6:00 A.M - Depart Aizawl to N. Lungleng, see Lalchhuana Puk : Start the tour by taking an early morning drive to see Lalchhuana Puk[ii] which is enroute to N. Lungleng, a village to the south of Aizawl. The freshness of the air is exactly what is needed to kick start the tour. The cave turns into a beautiful waterfall during monsoon and after a quick photo session head towards Lungleng Lal In[iii].

7:00 A.M - Lungleng Lal In : A century old residence of the famous Mizo Chief, Khamliana Sailo, who was the first literate amongst the Chiefs and was a pioneer in establishing relations between the British and the Mizos. He was awarded 'KAISER-I-HIND' Medal in 1923 by the Colonial British Government. His was the first house in Mizoram having a tin roof built back in 1918.

7:45 A.M - Depart N. Lungleng to Mission Veng for a Tour of Sikulpui[iv], Sikul Sen[v] and have breakfast: Government Boys' Middle School (Sikulpui) and Government Boys' Model English Medium Primary School (Sikulsen) were the first educational institutions established by the Welsh Missionaries and were foundational to contemporary Mizo educational system. The old building still stood as it is and is maintained by the Mizoram Presbyterian Church. Have breakfast at nearby Hotel Esquire.

10:00 A.M - Tour of Synod Press & Pi Zaii Compund : Dr. Peter Fraser of the Welsh Mission, who came to Mizoram in 1908 built a clinic near P.C. Girls School. He later brought a small hand press and started printing for the first time in Mizoram in 1911, the press was called Lushai Christian Press and is now called Synod Press.

Miss Katie Hughes, a pioneer Welsh Missionary who was fondly called as Pi Zaii [vi]by the Mizos back in 1935 was one of the key person who had played a fundamental role in the establishment of the Young Mizo Association (YMA). It was in her house that the proposal was made. YMA is today the largest and most comprehensive non-profit secular and non-governmental organization of the Mizo people with members spread all across the state.

10:40 A.M - Tour of Bawrhsap Pisapui[vii] : Next proceed to Bawrhsap Pisapui or The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl District which is the first office of the North Lushai area. It was established in the year 1890 during the Lushai Hills Expedition of 1889-1890. The office is declared as a ‘State Heritage Building’.

11:00 A.M - Mizoram State Museum : Established in the year 1977, the museum showcases a plethora of traditional artifacts, ornaments, archeological specimens and handlooms to name a few that depicts the way of the forefathers. The numerous galleries on display throws light into how modern day Mizos have progressed from their tribal roots.

12:30 P.M - Have an authentic Mizo lunch at Red Lantern Restaurant with food served on a banana plantain leaf with local rice beer.

1:30 P.M - Visit Martarte Thlan (Martyr’s Grave) : This cemetery/war memorial is dedicated to the Mizo National Army (MNA) who laid down their precious lives for the freedom of Mizo people during 1966-1986. It was a struggle against Indian government under the able leadership of Mizo leader Mr. Laldenga.

2:00 P.M - Leave for Chawlhhmun to Solomon’s Temple: Located on the Western side of Aizawl city, it is one of the most beautiful churches in the state. It is a non denominational church founded by Dr. L.B. Sailo in 1984. The valley in which the temple is built is named as 'Kidron Valley' which is 10 Kms from the heart of Aizawl City. The architecture is a magnificent white structure. Within its compound, the temple complex has natural park covered by various forest trees to shade and fruits for birds and squirrels of different kinds meant for their sanctuary.

3:00 P.M - Depart for Durtlang to KV Paradise : KV Paradise is the Modern Taj Mahal of Aizawl. It is a monument that speaks of a man's love for his wife who died in a car accident. When Khawlhring's wife Varte died in an accident in 2001, he decided to build a memorial for her near his house. The memorial is around 45 minutes drive from the main city and a few minutes away from Durtlang Hills. Incidentally, it also happens to be on a beautiful slope facing Aizawl city. The mausoleum is named KV paradise after their initials.

5:00 P.M - To ATC, Durtlang : Aizawl Theological College began life in 1907 as a humble theological school to train native Christians for various ministries of the church. Located in Durtlang, it has a great spectacular, panoramic view of Aizawl city and the surrounding hills from the College campus. It is a great spot to watch the sunset view against the backdrop of the glistening Aizawl City.

6:00 P.M - Durtlang to Aizawl : In the evening one can go for a stroll in the heart of the city and enjoy the street food with a cup of tea. Head back to the hotel for some dinner and relax for the evening.


  • Lungleng Lal in- Home of the famous Mizo Chief Khamliana
  • Solomon’s Temple - The most spectacular Church in Aizawl
  • KV Paradise
  • Synod Press
  • Bawrhsap Pisapui
  • Mizoram State Museum

Best time to visit: October – March

Other relevant information:

- One is advised to carry cash in hand as credit/ debit cards are widely not accepted in street markets.

- It is advisable for tourists to carry warm clothing between November - January.

- For visitors, obtaining Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Indian nationals is a prerequisite before entering the state. ILP can be obtained at Resident Commissioner’s offices, at interstate check gates or on arrival at Lengpui Airport. Foreigners with valid visas can enter the state, however visitors from countries specified in the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order 1958 and corresponsing regulations must first obtain permission from Ministry of Home Affairs.

[i]Names of localities within Aizawl municipal area.

[ii]Puk: Cave. Literal translation: Lalchhuana’s Cave

[iii]Lungleng Lal In: Residence of Chief of Lungleng. Lal = Chief, In = Home/residence.

[iv]Sikul = School, Pui = Great/main. Literal translation: Main School

[v]Sikul = School, Sen = Red. Literal translation: Red School

[vi]Pi = Mrs./Ms = A prefix added to names of women, especially of advanced age as a show of respect.

[vii]Bawrhsap = Deputy Commissioner, Pisa = Office

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