The Abode of Clouds : Misty Mountain Reiek - 1 day trip

Short Description : It is perhaps the most popular place of tourist attraction in Mizoram and lies to the west of Aizawl. The mesmerizing mountain of Reiek Peak sprawls atop the Reiek village offering breathtaking views and a view of Aizawl city on the horizon. The area is home to exotic varieties of flora, fauna and wildlife is also an ideal destination for bird watching. At the foot of the mountain lies a Tourist Resort where the annual Anthurium Festival is vibrantly celebrated; and various eco-adventure activities can be experienced year round. Reiek is also one of the cleanest villages in Mizoram and there are plenty of organic fruits, vegetables and local delicacies to savour.

Distance to be travelled: 60 km via District Road (Aizawl to Reiek)

Mode of Travel: By car (on rental vehicles)

Approximate time taken: 10 hours

Places/Locations Covered: Ailawng, Reiek

Where and what time to start the day from and why: The best time to start the tour is at 9:00 A.M after breakfast from place of accommodation in Aizawl. Since Reiek is only an hour’s drive from Aizawl, one can have a leisure tour and enjoy nature at its best.

A chronological day itinerary:

Early Morning

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise, rejuvenating scenery and a fresh crisp air to kick-start the day. For the health conscious, go for a walk to enjoy the city streets filled with early morning joggers. Temporary roadside tea stalls are a favourite stop over for many joggers.

9:00 A.M - After breakfast begin the journey towards Reiek, 30 kms from Aizawl. Reiek is the most popular tourist destination most frequented by tourists and the locals due to its picturesque hills, spotless village and unpolluted clean air.

9:40 A.MEn route Reiek take a short halt at Zopar Farm, a horticulture farm where the best quality of Anthurium flowers, roses, strawberries to name a few are commercially grown and supplied all over the state and exported to Kolkata.

10:15 A.M - The second stopover is at Ailawng village. The villages of Reiek & Ailawng are located adjacent to each other. Ailawng is a charming village that has a lot of adventure activities to offer. For the adventurous one can opt for a cave exploration of Khuangchera Puk. It is the most technical cave to navigate in Mizoram and takes approximately 45 minutes to explore. The cave is 162 metres long and the height varies at 10 metres. It is named after Khuangchera, the legendary Mizo warrior known for his bravery and hunting feat who was the first explorer when no one else dared to explore it. To a little outskirt the village visit the hanging bridge that offers the most stunning panoramic view of the green folded hills far up to the horizon against the pristine blue sky.

12:45 P.M - Reach the village Reiek and head directly to the Tourist Resort located on the foothills of Reiek peak. Have a scrumptious lunch at the resort and taste the authentic local dishes.

1:30 P.M - Take a tour of the Mizo Typical Village created within the Tourist Resort. The village is a reconstruction of the ancestral Mizos consisting of the distinctive traditional huts, the Chieftain’s house, a bachelor’s house, etc. The houses are fully furnished giving visitors a peek into the glorious past of the Mizos. There is an Adventure Park with various activities like shooting gallery, rock-climping, ziplining etc. within the vicinity that can also be explored.

2:45 P.M - A hike up to Reiek peak will take about 50 minutes. It is one of the most popular destinations for bird watching and is an ecotourism hotspot teemed with a variety of flora, fauna and wildlife. The hike up to the peak offers one a pristine view of the surrounding lush ancient forest preserved by the locals since the days of the Chiefs. On a clear day one can see Aizawl city on the horizon. Before descending the climb, witness the most spectacular orange flamed sunset against the backdrop of the rolling hills which is a feast for the eyes.

5:00 P.M - Head back to the resort and have some tea and snacks before leaving the Resort. On the way back take a tour of Reiek village towards the outskirts of Reiek to see the view of Reiek from behind. It is a pleasurable drive as one gets to pass through bat caves right on top the road.

7:00 P.M - Reach Aizawl city and retire for the night.


  • Khuangchera Puk - A cave considered to be one of the most technical caves in the world.
  • Zopar Garden - Large scale cultivation of anthurium flowers. Mizoram produces the best quality anthurium flower in the country
  • Reiek Peak
  • Mizo Typical Village
  • Reiek Adventure park
  • Reiek Village
  • Ailawng Village

Best time to visit: October - March

Other relevant information:

- One is advised to carry cash in hand as credit/ debit cards are widely not accepted in street markets.

- It is advisable for tourists to carry warm clothing between November - January.

- For visitors, obtaining Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Indian nationals is a prerequisite before entering the state. ILP can be obtained at Resident Commissioner’s offices, at interstate check gates or on arrival at Lengpui Airport. Foreigners with valid visas can enter the state, however visitors from countries specified in the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order 1958 and corresponsing regulations must first obtain permission from Ministry of Home Affairs.

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