The Charm of Thenzawl under the Blue Sky - 2 Days 1 Night

Short Description : It is a growing town situated at the heart of Mizoram in Serchhip District. The road to Thenzawl has one of the most spectacular views with rolling green hills covered in clouds that float beneath the ridges like a misty sea. Thenzawl and its surrounding places offer some of the best tourist attractions Mizoram has to offer. Rife with a plethora of historical sites along with nature parks, nurseries and splendid waterfalls, it is also the handloom hub of the state.The only Golf Resort and Wellness Spa in Mizoram are located here and equipped with state of the art facilities.

Distance to be travelled: 232 km via State Highway, Aizawl to Thenzawl

Mode of Travel: By car (on rental vehicles)

Approximate time taken: 36 hours

Places/Locations Covered: Hmuifang, Thenzawl, Buangpui, Vaibiak

Where and what time to start the day from and why: Early morning at 6:00 A.M from Aizawl is the best time to start the tour as the sights and sounds of nature can best be experienced in the morning. Mizoram offers spectacular morning views with sea of misty clouds in between the hills.

A chronological day itinerary:

Day 1

6:00 A.M - After a steaming hot cup of tea/coffee start the journey and enjoy the crisp fresh air as you depart toward the south to Hmuifang. Enjoy the breathtaking views as the early sun lits up the green hills. En route visit the Mizo Typical Village at Falkawn - a reinvention of the ancestral Mizo village. The mini live museum comprises of the Lal In (Chief’s House), Zawlbuk (boys dormitory), Pum (Blacksmith) to name a few. Another short stop over at Muallungthu where the Tropic of Cancer passes through for a quick picture.

9:00 A.M – Morning Tea at Hmuifang Tourist Resort : Hmuifang Tourist Resort is an ideal getaway located at the scenic peak of Hmuifang mountain, 50 km to the south of Aizawl. With an elevation of 1619 metres, the mountain is still covered with virgin forests preserved since the days of the Sailo Chiefs. The patches of grassy glades on the peak are also suitable for picnics and outdoor camping in the midst of nature. From here one may visit the Hmuifang village situated on the hillock to see the typical rural life of the Mizos.

9:30 A.M – Visit Lal Thanhawla Park on foot: A park located just adjacent to Tourist Resort Hmuifang is a must visit. Enjoy the mini tree houses and hanging bridges as you go for a refreshing walk on the pebbled trails.

9:50 A.M – Depart Hmuifang to Thenzawl

11:30 A.M – Visit Tuirihiau at Buangpui near Thenzawl: The Tuirihiau Falls is located 5 kilometres south of Thenzawl in Serchhip District. Tuirihiau Falls is the most beautiful of all the waterfalls and cascades in the fast flowing rivers of Mizoram. It is located in Vanva river near Thenzawl. The uniqueness of this waterfall is that one can step inside from behind the fall as it caves like an arc.

12:00 Noon – Visit Chawngchilhi Puk : The Chawngchilhi Cave is famous as it is believed that the cave had witnessed the love story of a lady and a snake according to a Mizo legend. It is located on the outskirts of Thenzawl.

12:30 P.M – Visit Vantawng Waterfalls : Of all the waterfalls and cascades in the rough and fast-flowing rivers of Mizoram, Vantawng Khawhthla or “Vantawng Fall” is the highest and the most spectacular one. Also located in Vanva river near Thenzawl, it is named after Vantawnga who was said to be an excellent swimmer. Known for his swimming skills Vantawnga, so the story goes, that he could hover in the cascading water as well as a fish. But unfortunately during one such feat, a drifting log fell from above and killed him.

1:45 P.M – Head back to the town of Thenzawl for a savory lunch at Tourist Lodge Thenzawl

2:45 P.M – Visit Dilpui at AH & Vety Complex : Maintained by the Department of AH & Vety, this complex offers many entertaining activities like boat-riding, picnic, horse riding, trekking etc. A popular picnic spot amongst the locals.

4:45 P.M – Visit Thenzawl Golf Resort (Rates apply for activities) : Thenzawl Golf Course & Resort is one of its kind in North East India, featuring an 18 hole international design 72 Par Golf Course & an Eco-friendly resort. The golf resort also has a fully equipped clubhouse, a modern state-of-the-art convention centre, gazebos and a big food court with viewing gallery.

7:30 P.M – An evening of entertainment to witness the cultural dances including the famous Cheraw dance. Dance to the tune of traditional songs and enjoy a scrumptious spread of Mizo dinner.

8:00 P.M onwards - Night halt at Thenzawl at Tourist Lodge/ Golf Resort


8:30 A.M – After breakfast a visit to the Handloom Centre in the heart of Thenzawl Town : Thenzawl is the centre for production of various types and styles of the Mizo puan which was weaved by women in traditional style and motifs. It is said that the Mizo women weave dreams on their loom. Almost every women in the household engage themselves in the loom in the comfort of their houses. One may like to purchase the colorful motif weave of lungis, bags and various other traditional items.

09:30 A.M – Visit Vaibiak : Vaibiak is the place from where they took back Mary Winchester. Mary Winchester, or Zolûti to Mizos, (1865–1955) was a Scottish girl who was captured and held hostage by the Mizo tribes in 1871, and rescued by the British expedition in 1872. This historic event marked the beginning of British rule in Mizoram that lasted till the Indian Independence in 1947.

10:30 A.M – Visit Bengkhuaia Thlan : The founder of Thenzawl Bengkhuaia invaded Alexandrapur in 1871 kidnapping Mary Winchester which brought about the British to Mizoram. He died around 1879.

12:00 Noon – Head back to the town of Thenzawl for lunch

1:00 P.M – Visit Deer Park : Thenzawl Deer Park is the home to the state animal Serow, and is the only one of its kind in Mizoram. It was established in the year 1994.

2:00 P.M - Head back to Aizawl directly from Deer park. On the way back one can witness the local market along the state highway brimmed with fresh harvest and enjoy a fresh sugarcane juice for a refreshing feel.

5:00 P.M – Before checking into the hotel head to Viewing Galley at Tlangnuam to watch the beautiful sunset against the backdrop of Aizawl city.

5:30 P.M - Check in to the hotel and have dinner. After dinner one can go for a stroll to have a cup of coffee at Barista, Zarkawt or retire for the night.


  • The virgin forest and the quaint picturesque village of Hmuifang
  • Tuirihiau Fall and Vantawng Falls - The highest waterfall in Mizoram
  • Visit to Dilpui for boating on its lovely lake with horse riding facilities
  • Thenzawl Golf Resort
  • The intricate handlooms of Thenzawl

Best time to visit: October - March

Other relevant information:

- One is advised to carry cash in hand as credit/ debit cards are widely not accepted in street markets.

- It is advisable for tourists to carry warm clothing between November - January.

- For visitors, obtaining Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Indian nationals is a prerequisite before entering the state. ILP can be obtained at Resident Commissioner’s offices, at interstate check gates or on arrival at Lengpui Airport. Foreigners with valid visas can enter the state, however visitors from countries specified in the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order 1958 and corresponsing regulations must first obtain permission from Ministry of Home Affairs.

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