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Solomon's Temple, Aizawl District

A non denominational church founded by Dr. L.B. Sailo in 1984 built Solomon’s Temple. They are known as ‘Kohhran Thianghlim’ locally and the ‘Holy Church” in English. Members are known as 'the elects.' Dr. LB Sailo, the founder of the Holy Church saw a vision in his dream to build Solomon’s Temple in the year 1991. He was informed the detailed design and structure of the Temple. As per God’s instruction, construction began in 1996 at Chawlhhmun with donations coming in from members of the Church. The valley in which the temple is built is named as 'Kidron Valley' which is 10 Kms from the heart of Aizawl City. Though the temple is under construction it is nearing completion and is the most visited site in Aizawl by tourists.

Facts of the Temple :

1.Area of the temple building: 55m X 55m = 3025 Sq.Km

2.Estimate : 3 Million US Dollars

3.There are 4 pillars. Each pillar carrying 7 David’s stars indicating the 7 angels of the 7 churches in the Revelation.

4.There are 4 towers. Each tower carrying a crown. The four towers indicate 'the Crown of Salvation', 'the Crown of Righteousness', 'the Crown of Life' and 'the Crown of Overcomer'.

5.There are 4 fronts. In each front there are 3 doors comprising 12 main doors as seen in the Revelation.

6.There are two intersecting horizontal ridges crossing the middle of the pitch roof, so that from above in the air, the ridges form a cross representing the new covenant.

7.There are no partition walls inside, for the Lord by his death, had rented the veil of the temple from top to bottom and the new elects are all royal priests.

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