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Lorrain Ville, Siaha District

Lorrain Ville at Serkawr :

A century old Villa built in 1914 by the Christian Missionaries still stand today in all its charms. Serkawr is situated between Tuipang andKaladan. It is 288 Kms from Aizawl and 39kms South of Saiha town. Serkawr is a pioneer place for the Baptist Missionaries Reginald Arthur Lorraine and his wife Maud Louise Ulander first landed here to preach the gospel in 1907. The work of these missionaries paved way for the whole tribe towards civilization, literacy and most of all to Christian faith. Mrs. Violet Lorrain Foxall, the granddaughter of J Herbert Lorrain married a local man and continues to live in this house with their grandchildren. The furniture’s, furnishings and decorative, all century old are preserved in this house and the family is open to visitors.

How to get there : It is 288 Kms from Aizawl (approx 8 hrs) and 39 Kms from Saiha town. It is accessable by road and one can hire a private car. Sumo vehicles also services between Saiha and Serkawr.

Where to stay : The nearest lodging facility is at Phura (80 Kms from Saiha) and Tuipang (10.7 Kms). One can also stay at Tourist Lodge Saiha.

1. Forest Rest House, Phura –

2. Tourist Lodge, Tuipang – Contact 9862843353

3. Tourist Lodge Saiha – Contact (03835) 222591/ 9436149031

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