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North Vanlaiphai, Serchhip District

Situated 56 km to the south of Serchhip, N. Vanlaiphai is well known for being the only village to be attacked by Japanese fighter planes during the Second World War. This happened on March 28,1944 when in the middle of the day six Japanese fighter planes circled over the village and started strafing the unwary village and dropped two bombs. Fortunately no one was killed except for one domestic sow. At that time, N. Vanlaiphai was one of a few villages where the British government constructed a hospital and it seemed the Japanese had targeted it along with the doctor's quarter. The bullet holes on the hospital buildings and some of the bomb craters are still there to be seen to this day. Built in 1913, the hospital is still in good shape and is now one of the few remaining relics of the British occupation.

The area around N. Vanlaiphai abounds with a number of landmarks associated with Chhura, a hero of a Mizo folktale: Chhura Farep, a memorial stone with a height of 5 ft is located about 3 km away. On its surface are carvings of human figures, mithuns, hornbills, spears, shields, gongs and similar items. Some of the figures seem to be of children impaled with a skewer, the manner in which the legendary Chhura killed the offsprings of an ogress and hence the name. The other landmarks in the vicinity include Chhura Kehniak or 'Chhura's footprints'; Chhura Sekawi or 'Chhura's herd of mithuns', a chain of boulders resembling mithuns; Chhura Tui Thuhruk or 'Chhura's hidden spring'; Chhura Ruang Tluk or 'the place where Chhura fell dead', wherein lies a stone of about 9 ft length which is said to be the petrified body of the hero of many amusing tales.

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