World Tourism Day celebration was held at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi today. On this occasion, Reiek village was declared the BEST RURAL TOURISM VILLAGE OF INDIA to receive Gold Award. Reiek village is among the five best villages in India to receive the Gold Award. On behalf of the village and the state of Mizoram, Pu Robert Romawia Royte, Tourism Minister received the award from Union Tourism Secretary Smt V. Vidyavathi.

The Best Tourism Village Competition was organized by the Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism, Ministry of Tourism. More than 750 applications were submitted from 315 districts and 31 states of India.

The Best Tourism Village Competition was launched on February 16, 2023 by the Ministry of Tourism. Through various stages, 80 best villages were selected in early September. Power Point Presentation on the selected villages were screened before the National Evaluation Committee. Video clips were also submitted. Based on the performances, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were awarded to the 35 best villages. Reiek Village is among the five Gold Award winners from the final selection.

Nine evaluation parameters directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals were used to determine the award:

Cultural and Natural Resources, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Governance and Prioritization of Tourism, Health, Safety and Security, Promotion and Conservation of Culture, Development of Social Sustainability, Tourism Development and Value Chain Integration, and Infrastructure and Connectivity.

Pu Robert Romawia Route, Tourism Minister was accompanied by Joint Secretary Tourism Pu V Lalengmawia, VCP Reiek Pu Lalrozama and other officials.